My name is David Quilty, and I own Standard & Hand, which started as Quilty Co. in August of 2014.

Because I was tired of spending hard-earned money on poorly made accessories that are made overseas, I’ve been forging a life that is increasingly about deliberate choices and creativity. I realized this was the time to stop pining for "the good ol’ days" and do something about it.

In 2018, I rebranded as Standard & Hand, as I have expanded into doing more than just leatherworking; I am now incorporating woodworking goods as well as other heirloom quality products.

I’m committed to bringing what I have to offer to the maker movement by designing and handcrafting high-quality goods Made in the USA.

Everything I sell is entirely handmade by me. I cut and dye the leather, punch the holes, finish the edges, and apply protectants, all by hand in my workshop. Even my sewing is thread-and-needle by hand in a saddle stitch, which will outlast any machine stitch currently available. You can rest assured that if you own something from Standard & Hand it will last a very long time. And if on the off chance it doesn’t and there is a construction defect, please tell me so I can make it right by either fixing it or making you a replacement. 

Thanks for checking out my shop and supporting American-made goods. If you’re interested in something that I am not currently making or selling, I'd love to hear your ideas. I am always open to new projects.

A nice interview of me by Allie Larkin.

On Leather:

All leather products are made from 100% full grain leathers, and if you look closely sometimes you can see scars, wrinkles, bug bites, and possibly even some veins running through the hides. These unique characteristics are your guarantee that it is made from full-grain genuine leather and not bonded leather or, worse yet, pleather.

If you choose to go with a natural veg-tan leather product, please note that with time and handling, your item will become more pliable and take on a rich patina as it ages. That is the beauty of natural vegetable tanned leather. Your Standard & Hand leather will be as one-of-a-kind as you are.

On Stitching:

All stitching on Standard & Hand products is done by hand using a saddle stitch. It takes a lot longer than using a sewing machine would take, but it makes for a more durable product. Even if one strand of the thread breaks due to wear, the entire product will not unravel - unlike if a sewing machine lock stitch had been used.

Questions? Contact me at standardandhand@gmail.com