Bandana & Scarf Slides

Standard & Hand

The bandana, also known as the "Wild Rag" in old west times, could possibly be one of the most functional accessories in American history. From wiping a brow to filtering water to acting as a tourniquet, you had to keep one handy. The slide was used to keep it fastened around one's neck until it was needed. It also happens to look pretty cool, too, so Standard & Hand is bringing it back. I wear one often, especially in the summer.

This bandana slide is made of heavy-duty vegetable tanned leather and is hand sewn in an attractive "X" pattern with waxed thread.

Finished with a light coat of saddle soap and beeswax and your choice of brown, black, or white thread. Please note your choice on the order form.

Lifetime guarantee on all stitching. If there is ever an issue with the stitching, send it back to me and I will fix it, free of charge.

Since it's just me and there is no storage warehouse, all products are made to order.

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